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TAI Wind

Power through partnerships.

Trillium Power Wind Corporation aims for environmental, social and economic success. This goal for triple bottom line results is being achieved through partnerships with dynamic organizations that share compatible objectives.

TaiWind: partnering for sustainable prosperity.

TaiWind is catalyzing a new era of sustainable prosperity in The Great Lakes.

Founded by Trillium Power Wind Corporation, TaiWind is an organization working to leverage the common requirements of various offshore wind developers in order to build a full offshore wind 'Innovation Chain' in North America. 

Current Trillium Power supporters include:

  • World Wildlife Fund Canada
  • Canadian Auto Workers (CAW)
  • First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI)
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Several Others soon to be announced

Trillium Power and TPW1 Offshore Wind site attracts many Offshore Wind Supply-Chain Partners

Trillium Power and the TPW1 site have been instrumental in attracting the interest of many global supply-chain manufacturers to Ontario. 

In August 2011 senior members of the Ontario Government were provided with a proposal by a respected global manufacturer to invest $3 Billion and create 15,000 well-paying, long-term sustainable jobs based on orders for offshore wind turbines from Trillium Power. Unfortunately, to-date they have not received a response from the Ontario Government.

At the time of the attack on February 11, 2011 Trillium Power had a substantial far-offshore wind supply-chain developed with corporate partners. The unprecedented attack has severely harmed Ontario's global reputation for investment. 

Settling Trillium Power's litigation is a 'litmus test for international investors'  as to the honesty and integrity of the Ontario Government.