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A Better view with offshore wind.

While most people consider wind farms to be beautiful, interesting and an acknowledgement of our drive towards non-polluting forms of energy generation, an extremely small number see them as infringements on the landscape - even though their visual viewshed 'right' ends at their property line. As communities debate this issue with respect to wind farms on land, it is clearly a non-issue for conscientiously sited far-offshore wind developments - especially those that are further than 5 kms and up to 70 kms from the mainland.

The strategic positioning of Trillium Power Wind 1, located 17 to 28 km off the shores of northeastern Lake Ontario, will make the project virtually invisible from shore. Even when visibility is excellent, the view of the wind farm will be negligible even on the clearest of days.

The pictures below shows the Horns Rev offshore wind project located 25 km from Skallingen, Denmark. The picture on the left is a computer rendering of the expected visibility before the project was constructed. The photo on the right shows the actual visibility of the wind farm post construction on a day when minimum visibility was at least 25 km.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on the photos below. 

Rendering of wind farm offshore

Offshore Rendering

Computer Rendering of expected visibility of offshore wind farm 25 km. (atmospheric distortions unaccounted for)
Photo of actual wind farm offshore

Offshore Photo

Actual visibility of offshore wind farm 25 km post construction. (min. 25 km visibility)