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We have the energy for change.

We depend on energy. We would prefer clean energy. Whether it is moving product or people, heating homes, lighting offices or powering manufacturing plants, energy underlies the very fabric of modern society. Ontarians, and people around the World are looking for solutions that create sustainable prosperity not short-term solutions that create long-term problems.

Unfortunately, most of the energy produced to date has been generated by non-renewable and risky resources like coal, natural gas, oil and uranium that have left a legacy of dangerous pollutants such as high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and long-lasting, radioactive contamination.

We must change our ways to a sustainable path.

The clear and safe choice: offshore wind

Trillium Power Wind Corporation has a better energy solution: tapping into the safe, reliable and powerful winds over The Great Lakes. Of the many renewable, low/no carbon options, offshore wind is among the most economical and reliable energy sources.

Offshore wind:

  • Is stronger, more reliable and has greater power density than wind over land;
  • Produces no carbon footprint;
  • Is far less expensive than nuclear power;
  • Is far safer than high-risk nuclear power - as Fukushima has unfortunately demonstrated;
  • Is considerably less expensive than fully-costed coal, oil or natural gas electricity;
  • Saves hundreds of billions of litres of clean, fresh water per year;
  • Produces no toxic waste;
  • Is recyclable.

Trillium Power, the North American pioneer of offshore wind, has proposed the careful development of 4 of the most optimal far-offshore wind site locations in The Great Lakes. The first of development, Trillium Power Wind 1 (TPW1), is positioned to be the first far-offshore wind farm in Lake Ontario, and likely North America. It will meet the energy needs of approximately 252,000 Ontario homes without depleting any resources, creating carbon dioxide emissions or producing toxic contaminants.

Trillium Power is working to generate energy for change to a sustainable future. Underpinned by a strong corporate ethos of social, environmental and economic responsibility, Trillium Power's offshore wind projects offer Ontario families and businesses a clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy solution for today and generations to come.

Trillium Power asks Ontarians to give notice to the Ontario Government that they want long-term, sustainable and well-paying offshore wind jobs that Trillium Power is working to provide.

Offshore Wind in Ontario is the single largest opportunity for sustainable economic development from renewable energy and a benefit to all Ontarians.