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Experience makes the difference.

Trillium Power Wind Corporation is a privately owned company headquartered in Toronto committed to the development of offshore wind in Ontario and The Great Lakes region. The Trillium Power management team has developed and operated waterpower facilities in Ontario since the 1980s and has been involved in other major energy installations around the world.

Trillium Power Wind 1 (TPW1) is positioned to be the first ever offshore wind project in Lake Ontario. Located between 17 and 28 km from the mainland, TPW1 will tap powerful and consistent offshore winds to deliver up to 600 MW of clean, reliable and economical electricity – enough to supply approximately 252,000 typical Ontario homes.

TPW1 is the first of Trillium Power's four unique offshore wind developments in The Great Lakes that, collectively, will generate approximately 3.5 GW (3,500 MW) of clean, socially responsible and affordable energy. Trillium Power's additional sites are: Trillium Power Wind 2 (740 MW), The Great Lakes Array (1,600 MW) and The Superior Array (650 MW).

Working within a strict set of environmental, social and financial standards, Trillium Power has become a North American leader in the far-offshore wind industry. Trillium Power was also the founding partner of TaiWind, a consortium focused on aggregating the various interests of North American offshore wind developers in order to bring about a new era in green manufacturing supply-chains and sustainable prosperity to Ontario and The Great Lakes region.